Course Description

The purpose of this instructor led training is to expand your ability to be yourself at your best in front of audiences – both in presentations face-to-face and in communication via web conference/telephone.

You will have extensive opportunities to review and practice the fundamental skills that make a presentation effective and productive. Coaching and feedback is provided. Your presentations in front of the room will be videotaped.

What You Will Learn
  • Increase the retention level of your audience from 10% up to 80%.
  • Leave your audience in action.
  • Express your passion both being energetic and appropriate.
  • Build rapport.
  • Establish powerful eye contact.
  • Apply your voice, gestures, facial expressions and your whole body as tools to deliver your message.
  • Envision concepts using visual aids.
  • Cause a deep understanding of your material using analogies.
  • Create relatedness and attract attention sharing stories.
  • Involve the audience by mastering the art of asking questions.
  • Hold the attention of the audience during the entire time of the presentation
  • Overcome the fear of failure.
  • Pause/Silence as a powerful presentation tool.
  • Stand in front of the room being in control.
  • Prepare, structure and deliver your data causing impact.


2 days

Number of Participants

Max. 10 students

Follow-Up Coaching

Optional live online coaching sessions are available to reinforce the learnings.